Sweets Boogie T Boost Pro Kendama - Light Green

New Sweets Boogie T Boost Pro Kendama - Light Green
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About Boogie T - Born And Raised In The Swamps Of Louisiana, Playing And Writing Music Since The Tender Age Of Eight, Brock Thornton AKA Boogie T Has Come Along Way To Bring The Low End. Hailing From The South, the Cradle Of Soul, It Is Easy To Hear The Southern Influence In His Music. Boogie T Is Huge In The EDM Scene With Over 250,000 Monthly Plays On Spotify.


Words From Boogie T - I Was First Introduced To Kendama A Couple Of Years Ago By My Friend And Fellow Musician SQUNTO Who Would Bring His Kendama Everywhere To Pass The Time; Backstage, In The Car, And At the Airport Etc. I Finally Got One Myself As A Christmas Gift Last Year And Now I'm Hooked! I've Also Got To Shoutout Reed Stark For Hooking It Up Backstage At Snowta 2018 With My Own Custom Kendama And One Of His Signature Models.

I Really Love How The Kendama Improves My Balance And All-Around Awareness. It Almost Makes You Look At Things In Slow Motion. I Also Feel Like It's Made Me A More Determined Person. I Can't Walk Away From My Kendama Until I Lace That *One* Trick. One More Big Thank You To The Sweets Team For Making This All Possible! 


  • Maple Boogie T Ken
  • New BOOST Shape
  • Bottom Balance Bevel
  • Custom Engravings On The Ken Include:

- Unique QR On Small Cup

- Boogie T Swirl Design On Big Cup

- Signature On The Spike

- Sweets Logo

  • Oversized Beech Tama

- Classic Sweets Sticky Clear

- Sound Wave Wraparound Design With White Ring Tracking Hole

- Top Boogie T Signature Branding

  • Metal Spinner Bead

What's inside the box?

  • 1x Kendama
  • Extra Replacement String
  • Unique Boogie T Sticker Pack

Watch The Exclusive Sweets Boogie Signature Model Unboxing HERE

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