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  • 11 Degrees
  • 11 Degrees clothing is ideal for casualwear – across the range you can find a mixture of tops, jumpers, jackets, jeans and hats, in a variety of styles and colours. All clothing is branded with the 11 Degrees logo – some emblazoned across the front while others are much subtler.  11 Degrees men’s clothing range has everything you need to complete that laid back vibe, while looking stylish and feeling comfortable at the same time. 11 Degrees are an urban lifestyle brand born in the North-West of England. Due to their relentless hunt for the latest trends in premium urban menswear, they are continuously bringing you the most cutting edge clothing. The brand has only grown in popularity since bursting onto the fashion scene in 2014 and with a loyal following that includes celebrities, it doesn’t look like they will be taking their foot off the gas pedal anytime soon. Everything from 11 Degrees jeans to 11 Degrees jackets are made from the finest quality fabrics. But, as well as ensuring that their clothing is of the highest quality, the brand also has a constant focus on pushing innovative design. 11 Degrees is the place for the latest in modern street style – they have taken the best of sportswear and updated it with a streetwear edge. It features minimalist branding across classic items of clothing, but with fresh, surprising detailing like quirky prints and mesh. 

  • Bee Inspired
  • Launching in 2013, Bee Inspired joined the streetwear game and found the perfect gap to fill. With fresh new ideas, designs and colours, in a short amount of time they soon became what was just a line of 4 t-shirts into a whole collection season by season. If you're a fun, fast-paced & trendy individual, Bee Inspired is the brand for you.

  • Ellesse

  • Farah
  • Fila Blackline
  • The FILA BLACKLINE revisits the brand's nostalgic catalogue from the 80's & 90's.

    The Collection playfully integrates the oversized 'baggy' trends of the 90's with plenty of colour and figure hugging athletic lycra fabrics of the 80's.

  • Fila Vintage
  • Starting out in 1911, the Fila brothers produced finely textured fabrics in the northern Italian town of Biella. They soon moved on to making undergarments and ultimately launched sportswear in 1973. They established themselves early on in the game as a stylish, respectfully irreverent and quality sportswear maker. They have become a strong global brand driven by design and capable of influencing style on and off the playing field for the last three decades. We are proud to now be stocking Fila and judging by social media, it's set to be a big hit this season. Shop the SS16 range online now.

  • Fresh Couture
  • In a short space of time, Fresh Couture went from 0 to 100. Starting in just 2016, the brand made waves throughout 2017 and is set to be one of the biggest in 2018.

    If you're into your classic, cool and contemporary brands, Fresh Couture will definitely have a piece for you!

  • Fresh Ego Kid
  • FRESH EGO KID is a NEW AGE fashion label with a vibrant concept ready to be a serious contender in the urban fashion industry. The selfish & egotistic brand will be taking on the fashion scene head on with bright, stylist and creative designs. If you're looking for sick T-Shirts, fresh Tracksuits & the classic Snapbacks, look no further.. 

  • G-Star
  • Clues has stocked G-STAR since way back in the day of 1996. Primarily a denim brand, G-STAR pride themselves on producing high quality jeans which stand the test of time. The collection stylishly blends alternative and traditional tailoring methods to great effect. We at Clues have every base covered. From Cool Basic T's, Polos, quality Shirts and practical Jackets. We'll have something perfect for you this SS17

  • Gabicci Vintage


  • Good For Nothing

  • Gym King
  • Gymwear as daywear has grown in popularity recently and Gym King clothing is the perfect example of this trend. It is ideal for looking fresh while pumping iron or doing some cardio, with the range including classic stringer vests, t-shirts and tracksuits. Don’t just work out – make a statement with the latest gear from Gym King. Gym King men’s clothing makes the world of fashion and gymwear collide and is a brand devoted to the pursuit of individual style. Each collection has been shaped and influenced by street culture and a global nightlife scene. The neutral colours are ideal to mix and match and complete your outfit from head to toe. Premium design and quality has made everything from Gym King hoodies to Gym King jackets a must-have for fashonistas and has created a huge following worldwide, which includes many celebrities. The brand also offers women’s clothing, so when the lady in your life is eyeing up your outfit, you can get her one of her own.

  • Illusive London
  • Do you like to wear tight clothes that show off your muscles? Of course, you do – you don’t spend hours in the gym for nothing. If you are going to spend your morning lifting weights, you will want to display the results and to do this you need the right clothing. If you are a muscle man then Illusive London clothing is for you due to its tight fit and laid-back look. Illusive London men’s clothing comes from the designers behind SikSilk, following the huge success they have seen with that brand. Their new challenge focuses on the male physique with tight cuts, muscular fit and classic designs. Across the brand you can find caps, hoodies and sweatshirts, denim, jackets, trousers, t-shirts, vests, shorts, shirts and so much more. Everything from Illusive London sweatshirts to Illusive London caps are emblazoned with the logo across the front and come in quirky prints and patterns, alongside bright colours as well as darker, block-coloured items. The word ‘illusive’ is based on the illusion of being absent minded about how you want to look.  

  • Kings Will Dream
  • Kings Will Dream brings unique and cutting edge designs to their latest collection. Regardless whether you're hitting the gym for a workout or the town for a night out with friends, Kings Will Dream will have something you'll be proud to wear.

  • LUKE 1977
  • LUKE 1977 has become well known across the UK for it's cutting edge sports utility wear. And, also becoming 'British Young Fashion Brand Of The Year' in 2010, it has been a huge success across the globe. Check out our huge range from LUKE 1977, you won't be disappointed.

  • Pretty Green
  • If you admire the style of Liam Gallagher and have always aspired to dress like him, then this is the clothing brand for you. Pretty Green clothing is inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll and was founded by the Oasis frontman. Across the brand you can find polo shirts, knitted jumpers, gingham and paisley shirts as well as jackets – perfect for either a smart or casual look. Pretty Green men’s clothing was founded by iconic former Oasis frontman, Liam Gallagher, in 2009. Due to this the brand unites people through both a love of music and fashion. Since the birth of Rock 'n' Roll in the late 1950's, British street culture has been influencing fashion and music worldwide. Pretty Green has an authenticity that comes from a deep understanding of that culture and the things that make it relevant today. Pretty Green, which provides simple, classic clothing with a modern twist, is named after a track by The Jam. Everything from Pretty Green shirts to Pretty Green jackets are retro in style, inspired by the 90s indie band look.

  • Sergio Tacchini
  • SikSilk
  • SikSilk men’s clothing is both comfortable and stylish making it perfect for a range of events and activities. Whether you are looking for clothing for a lazy Sunday at home, something a little more colourful for your summer holiday, smarter items for a night out or a faux fur-lined coat to keep you warm during the frosty winter months – you will be able to find it here. SiKSilk clothing is a collection of signature baseball shirts, jerseys and jackets born out of a love for American, Japanese and Brit street culture. It pulls inspiration from the sports, streets and musics of all three countries. The guys at SikSilk have been a breathe of fresh air to the streetwear market. Emerging onto the scene in 2012, they have since made waves and are gaining rave reviews across the industry. We at Clues are proud to have been among the first stockists of this popular brand. The brand promises to push the boundaries on design, trends, graphics and diversity. They are committed to creating products that people don’t just want but need. Plus, with a growing global following they plan to move future collections into all areas important to the lifestyle of their customers. The UK based contemporary label definitely has its own style, which can be seen in everything from SikSilk jeans to SikSilk shirts. Mixing a contemporary form of streetwear and influences from American sport SikSilk are the go to brand for long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and tracksuits.

  • Sinners Attire
  • Sixth June
  • If you admire the Parisian streetwear look and wish to make it part of your own style then this is the brand for you. Originating in the capital of France, this brand is the ultimate in streetwear and will definitely ensure you stand out from the crowd. Sixth June men’s clothing is perfect for a casual look with a comfortable feel, and can be worn for a wide range of occasions. Sixth June clothing launched in Paris in 2008 and in doing so breathed fresh air into street style. It takes inspirations from military bomber jackets, everyday patterns and combines the two to create something unique. Across the brand you can find everything from Sixth June bomber jackets to Sixth June longline tees and sweats in both neutral as well as bright block-colours and quirky prints and patterns. For the ultimate Parisian street style, dress yourself from head to toe in Sixth June. 

  • Society Sport
  • Society Sport is the brainchild of a group of illusive like minded creatives originally hailing from New York, but now all residing in the east end of London.

    Inspired by vintage 90's sportswear and the hardships of street culture, mixed with influences from Londons thriving Garage and Grime scene. Society sport is the amalgamation of old and new creating a completely fresh forward thinking aesthetic.

    The name itself was forged from an Eclectic clash of Sporting history and the youth culture driven society we live in today, thus Society Sport was created and proceeds to drive a subculture encapsulated by a story of race, class and urban life.

  • Stance Socks
  • Stance has turned socks into one of the world's most exciting accessories in less than 5 years. Their founders saw a category that had been ignored, taken for granted, looked over, and dismissed. By creating life into something that had been overlooked, they ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn athletes, performers, and iconic cultural influencers to the brand. Stance brings the highest quality and durability to your underwear and we are proud to now have this brand stocked both in-store & online. If you've never heard of or tried Stance, slip on your first sock, you will never look back.. Trust us!

  • Sweets Kendamas
  • Sweets Kendamas was founded by Matt "Sweets" Jorgenson, who loves a skill related challenge. He broke is back doing a backflip on a snowboard requiring him to focus on something slightly less risky. Matt found a Kendama while out and about in Japan and instantly fell in love. From there, he began his mission to make them more accessible outside of Japan. In 2010, he used his back garden shed with the small amount of savings he had and hand-painted each and every single Kendama he made and grew the business along with making a community around Kendama playing.

    10 years on, Sweets Kendama is huge in the USA, and now we're pleased to be able to bring the brand of Kendama to the UK. Sweets Kendamas offers both premium and entry-level kendamas and continually sets a high standard across the industry. Pick up 1 of these in-store or online and you'll never be bored again!

  • Founded in 2017 - THUGORANGEL aims to be a quality, forward thinking contemporary streetwear brand.

    Drawing on themes of light and dark with bold prints, initial pieces will be very limited in numbers and colour-ways. 

  • Twinzz
  • Stay ahead of the game with the latest headwear brand to take instagram by storm.

    Twinzz, with it's unique branding, modern fabrics and trims, will elevate your look and keep you standing out from the crowd this season.

  • Weekend Offender
  • Weekend Offender clothing, as the name would suggest, is perfect for the weekend. The brand showcases premium fabrics, knitwear, outerwear, shirts and polos – featuring sharp lines, mod silhouettes and covert colourways, with a focus on quality, design and functionality. It has become the go-to brand for lads with clothing perfect for a night at the pub or club or a day spent at the football. Weekend Offender men’s clothing was set up in a small Welsh town outside Cardiff by Sam Jones and Rhydian Powell, as a side project in 2004. Just under 10 years later the label opened a flagship store in London’s Soho. The clothing is no-nonsense, functional, stylish, playful and assured – and so is fast becoming one of the UK’s most exciting urban fashion labels. Everything from Weekend Offender jackets to Weekend Offender joggers, takes influence from music, film, fun and subculture such as the acid house scene. Weekend Offender is divided into Mainline and Category A; the Mainline range celebrates bold colours, broad cuts and clandestine pocket – wearable items that stand out from the crowd. Category A is slightly subtler and more refined – a premium selection of clothing. The brand is original, provocative and often controversial, so it is definitely making its mark in the fashion world.