Illusive London

Do you like to wear tight clothes that show off your muscles? Of course, you do – you don’t spend hours in the gym for nothing. If you are going to spend your morning lifting weights, you will want to display the results and to do this you need the right clothing. If you are a muscle man then Illusive London clothing is for you due to its tight fit and laid-back look. Illusive London men’s clothing comes from the designers behind SikSilk, following the huge success they have seen with that brand. Their new challenge focuses on the male physique with tight cuts, muscular fit and classic designs. Across the brand you can find caps, hoodies and sweatshirts, denim, jackets, trousers, t-shirts, vests, shorts, shirts and so much more. Everything from Illusive London sweatshirts to Illusive London caps are emblazoned with the logo across the front and come in quirky prints and patterns, alongside bright colours as well as darker, block-coloured items. The word ‘illusive’ is based on the illusion of being absent minded about how you want to look.  

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